Why Collect Now? The rise of collectibles market in recent years.

In a full capitalist world, exchanging, reselling and collecting valuable things is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to consumers’ growing tendency to own more, the process of collecting ‘confidential informations’ connected to exclusive sale is everyday easier. At the same time, reselling platforms and marketplaces are upgrading their clothing-only catalog to a wide range of collectible items; dealing with the art world seems a must nowadays.

The reason of this fast growth can be found – partly, at least – in most popular artists’ show off on social media. Sneakers and clothes ain’t enough anymore (exclusions apply): buss down wristwatches, diamond filled chains, and – lately – coveted furnitures. These are the new exclusivities. Investing in collectibles market, and sponsoring the action at the same time, is a representation of preserving money while generating value – as well as an indirect invitation to consumers to do the same.

But let’s step back a bit – to the last quarter of 2022 and early 2023. In-person events and limited launches have been presented to us through auctions, invite-only sales, and special drops. Above all, New York City appears to be the biggest incubator within this scenario. A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, and Daniel Arsham are just a few examples of artists who sponsored their work through the release of iconic pieces.


GUFRAM x HOMMEMADE | designed by A$AP Rocky


HOMMEMADE  is the new born interior design studio by A$AP Rocky who – for his first release – collaborated with Italian studio GUFRAM – which you might know for its PRATONE couch. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic CACTUS figure, GUFRAM worked with the Harlem based artist on a re-edition of the piece. Rocky’s Shroom CACTUS adds an undergrowth of hand-painted mushrooms growing directly from the trunk to the 1972 version, as well as a new and unprecedented green color. Shroom CACTUS was launched in a limited edition of nine at the Miami trade show in December and could only be purchased in-store.


In 2022, a huge auction including some of Pharrell Williams’ most rare items was held in Broadway, New York and online from October 20th to 27th. JOOPITER is a global digital-first auction house and content platform founded by Pharrell Williams whose aim is building a space for today’s collectors, curators, and creators. The auctioned items are considered as ‘cultural artifacts’ which release cultural energy when exchange hands or ‘become(s) part of a collection’. Fun fact: Drake has recently sported its 2,2 USD purchases from JOOPITER in latest music video ‘Jumbotron Shit Poppin’.


Arsham Editions

Arsham’s first release of 2023 was the VEILED PORSCHE, an edition based on a sculpture depicting the iconic Porsche 930 Turbo mid-reveal as fabric is being blown off of it. The figure could be purchased at 2500 USD straight from the artist’s website and consisted of a limited edition of 500 pieces, addressing the collectible nature of the item. VEILED PORSCHE sold out in few minutes and resells at almost 200% of its original price. But if you’re a tenacious collector, you could still purchase it through the ‘Buy on StockX’ button placed at the bottom of the page which will lead straight to the marketplace landing page.


Reading through the lines of recent events and future trends: exclusivity is really the key to build a valuable collection. Buying and collecting is now a thing among artists, and the tendency of gathering important objects is slowly moving towards larger audiences. In this direction, pack your old gadgets and prepare the wallets: we are definitely going to see more collaborations between designers, artists, and selling platforms in 2023.

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