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In a synergy of innovation and tailoring, SOTA, an avant-garde fashion retailer, and MOTELSALIERI, an eclectic brand based in Milan specializing in neo-sartorial clothing, have embarked on a transformative six-month collaboration aimed at expanding horizons in the fashion landscape. The pilot project between the brands aims to bridge the gap between the artistic sphere and the fashion realm, finding its initial setting in SOTA on via della Frezza, introducing a temporary dynamic fusion of cutting-edge design and personalized tailoring in the heart of Rome....

Marking a first for SOTA Store, the independent retailer welcomes Engineered Garments and its Americana-inspired wonders into its arsenal for Spring/Summer ‘23. From workwear-inspired outerwear and shirting to bottoms and shorts, the offering includes styles such as the Fatigue Pant, Jungle Fatigue Jacket and Atlantic Parka which are all indicative of Engineered Garments’ distinctive image....

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